The Best Shopping in Scotland

Shopping, one of the most popular pastimes is huge in Scotland. Most people think about vast malls, boutique stores, and high street shops when it comes to shopping. Whilst that is readily available in Scotland, the true Scottish experience comes by finding a little piece of the real Highlands via independent stalls, artists, and craftsmen.

The Intense Shopper

When thinking about shopping in Scotland, everyone inevitably comes around to Glasgow. One of the big things to see and do in Glasgow is to head to the huge Braehead mall in Glasgow, which boasts 1.06 million square feet and 112 shops.

Braehead is widely considered to be the best place to shop in the UK outside of London. Covering all manner of shops, a full day can be spent wandering around this vast complex and maybe even spending a pretty penny on Glasgow’s Style Mile. In addition, head over to the Glasgow Art School where you can find a myriad of Charles Renee Mackintosh souvenirs, and look at the building he designed.

Markets and Fairs

Of course, when visiting a new country, it can be great to find something that is true to that country’s nature. Scotland has “Scottish’ items in abundance. From shortbread and Kendall mint cake to clothing, Harris Tweed, and certainly, tartans. There are also a lot of fine craftspeople to be found with an excellent array of handmade jewellery and pottery on display.

Much of this can be found in markets down little back streets of Edinburgh. Wander down George Street to Howe Street and find Anta, a shop full of Scottish goods. Real Scottish beer can be found directly opposite in The Bailey. As well, you can discover some emerging and current talent in pottery and jewellery if you head down to Open Eye Gallery further down the street.

Scotland is somewhat sparsely populated, but you could visit a lot of more isolated villages and towns where, because the locals don’t have the time to visit big cities, have, therefore, created smaller places to shop. Farmer’s markets, art fairs, and vintage clothes events abound throughout the land and tend to occur twice a month. Perth and Edinburgh both feature excellent farmer’s markets full of delicious fresh produce and sometimes including a couple of interesting recipes.

Final Thoughts

Shopping is Scotland is almost overwhelming. There is something for everyone. Let’s not forget that Aberdeen in the north is the home of the whisky trail and a producer of a staple of Scotland and a must for every visitor.