The Food and Restaurants You Have to Try

When someone mentions Scottish food, the next thought is haggis, shortbread, and porridge. Now while these foods are native to Scotland, thankfully there are more Scottish foods to select from than just these.

In fact, Scottish food is surprisingly diverse. Below are examples of dishes that you must try.

Some of Scotland’s Finest Foods

  • Lorne Fry – a traditional Scottish mixed grill that includes Black Pudding; Tattie Scones; grilled Oatcakes; and Skirlie, an oat and onion mixture; as well as Lorne, an iconic sausage served sliced.
  • Skirlie– classified as a Scottish porridge made with oats and onion fried in beef drippings. Some recipes also include herbs and spinach.
  • Kedgeree – a mixture of fish, egg, and rice created by Scottish soldiers when they were in India.
  • Tunnock’s Tea Cakes – made from a marshmallow meringue with a biscuit base and covered in chocolate; this teacake is not like any other traditional tea cake.
  • Porridge – a plain bowl of cooked oats served with salt. Some people also add Golden Syrup, stewed apples, butter, and brown sugar.
  • Macaroni and Cheese Pie – eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this bite-sized pie has a water crust pastry and is filled with macaroni and cheese that many say is just divine.
  • Cullen Skink – a fish soup that is thick and creamy and filled with goodness as the main ingredients are potatoes and milk. The most commonly used fish for this soup is haddock.
  • Cranachan– a traditional dessert that is scrumptious; this pudding is layers of raspberries, oats, honey, and whisky cream served in a parfait or wine glass.
  • Smoked Arbroath – smoked herring; simply delicious when eaten fresh from the smoking rack.
  • Haggis – is not for the faint-hearted; the ingredients are heart, lungs, and liver cooked with onion, toasted oatmeal, and herbs; a strong flavoured sausage served with vegetables.

The Best Scottish Restaurants

The best shopping in Scotland can be found alongside many Scottish restaurants and cafes. Many fine eateries throughout Scotland serve traditional culinary delights. Some of the best are those that offer their guests delicious dishes at affordable prices.

A number of Scotland’s best restaurants with Certificates of Excellence are as follows:

  1. Russell’s RestaurantSmiddy House, Spean Bridge, Scotland – Some 300 TripAdvisor travellers have rated this restaurant as outstanding. Their Cullen Skink rates highly as do their other dishes. Travelers also commented on the staff’s excellent attentiveness and service.
  2. Rocpol Restaurant Ness Walk, Inverness, Scotland– This more sophisticated restaurant serves Highland beef, scallops, and langoustine (scampi or prawn), as well as pork, razor clams and hot, smoked salmon. All produce comes from sustainable, local suppliers. The restaurant is contemporary and situated on the banks of the Ness River. Guests can select from European or Scottish dishes.
  3. Kylesku Hotel Restaurant Kylesku, Scotland – This hotel serves fresh seafood, such as lobsters, langoustine, crab and scallops, along with free-range lamb and pork, and fresh, locally grown vegetables. It was named ‘Informal Dining, Restaurant of the Year in 2015, and received the Medaille D’Or in 2013. Mountain and Loch views make this restaurant one of the best in the area.